[So 1 year ago I was like “Hmm. I want a tumblr blog so I can be totes famous.” (so yeah I did start it for popularity purposes) and when the canterlot wedding episode premiered, that pretty pink pony princess who could really sing was introduced, so I thought I’d pick her.

I JUMPED to tumblr and snatched the URL before anyone else could. I originally planned for it to be ask-princesscadance, but that url was already taken weeks before by the now ladybugs awake cadance.

And so I quickly drew a post to define that it was an active art ask blog. I followed the few blogs I knew of, including the Twixie Answers tumblr who I found out through equestriadaily due to the greatest gift comic he made. And then he did a post with my Cadance and I went all “AIJLKSJGD OH MY GOD THAT’S AKLJSGLKJSDGKLNGKJG WHOOOOAAAA”

And so it just kinda went from there, you know?

By the way

time to start writing rap lyrics amiright]

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